May 26, 2016

I was one of the proud sponsors of the 22 students who were granted the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel on the China-United States Exchange Foundation trip last year. The trip also consisted of three chaperones, one of which was my wife along with my son. I would like to sincerely thank the Honorable Congresswoman Corrine Brown of Florida who provided me the opportunity to assist her in making a difference in the lives of these 22 young African American students. It is only because of her efforts, that these individuals were given a chance to travel across the world and experience the remarkable culture and history of China. It is without a doubt that this young group would not have had such a chance to experience this beautiful foreign culture, language, industry, and their wonderful art, first hand without the hard work and determination of Congresswoman Brown who made this trip a reality for them.

Most of the kids in this group had never traveled by air, had no passports, and many never had traveled out of Florida’s state lines, much less to Asia! I am certain that their experience in China will forever be a part of their best memories, and will benefit them tremendously as their world perceptions have broadened, and their knowledge of people in a foreign country very different than their own will expand their global awareness and prospective.

In addition to the China – United States trip which the Congresswoman Brown organized, she also sponsored two homeless families for a Christmas dinner last December. It was after reading about the families plight in the local newspaper here, that Congresswoman Brown took it upon herself to find them, and provide these families with an unforgettable Christmas meal and presented them with holiday presents. Subsequently, Congresswoman Brown asked for dental care packages for these families which my office was glad to provide with the essential dental hygiene needs for the parents and the children.

I am proud to have been able to contribute to the lives of all these young African Americans. I am certain that this is something I would never have envisioned or had the chance to do without the passionate outreach of Congresswoman Brown. We must reach out to help those less fortunate and give them the opportunities that we have been given and that sentiment truly symbolizes the life and good works of the Honorable Corrine Brown.”

St. Elmo W. Crawford Jr. D.D.S., P.C.
Dental Surgeon